Share URL Markdown links and HTML Hyperlinks via Messages and Mail with ease.

iHyper will take a valid URL and convert it to a Markdown inline link. This link can then be sent via Messages or converted to HTML and sent via Mail with the click of a button.

Copy a URL to your pasteboard and run iHyper. iHyper will validate the URL by attempting to connect to it. If the connection is successful, iHyper will access the URL’s Title, create a Markdown link and display the link on screen ready for use.

When invoked from a web browser Bookmark iHyper will build a Markdown link of whatever you are currently viewing.

iHyper will launch correctly from a Bookmark using most popular iOS web browsers that allow the creation of a Bookmark. Browsers tested and known to launch iHyper correctly are.

Safari, Mercury, Terra, Atomic Web, Dolphin, and iCabMobile.

Requires iOS 5.0 or newer

Using iHyper

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